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John Saxton and Margaret Hains Saxton, Port Burwell, Ontario, circa 1846

John fought in the American Revolution as a member of the Westchester Volunteers, a Loyalist unit from New York. This is a rare photograph of a veteran of the Revolution. The Saxtons were my 4th great grandparents.

Family History

Wilma - Dorn - Flood - Fisk

My ancestors witnessed the sweep of American History from the Mayflower and early New England to the migration of the Huguenots, the founding of Virginia and the earliest probes of settlers into Kentucky, the American Revolution, Loyalists, slavery, The War of 1812, the Indian Wars, the Civil War, and the Westward Movement. A site with all my research is under construction. Forgive the unpolished appearance, but the data is as accurate as I can make it.

The ancestors of Edmund Flood descend from William the Conqueror and the Scottish and French royal houses. Most of the royal research comes from the noted genealogist Walter Goodwin Davis, so I consider it reliable.

There is also Pebble May Fisk

Frank Romuald Wilma

Elsie Oleaf Dorn

The four surnames are Polish (see a map), Irish and English in origin, and there are Germans, French and Welsh here as well.

This family history was compiled from primary and published sources as indicated in the end notes. Feel free to contact me with questions or corrections.