Down The River

On the Kentucky frontier in 1810 ambitious men struggle for power over a young, gritty society based on slavery. Ruthless planter and politician David Morgan chooses his young servant Phyllis to gather information on his friends and rivals from other slaves. He also finds her a husband, the love of her life. She develops a keen sense of observation as well as knowledge that there is more to the world beyond the isolated valleys and a system that regards her as property. Despite her warnings Morgan’s fortunes wane and she and her husband and their children are sold to Edward Osborn, Morgan’s enemy. Osborn’s ego and the War of 1812 bring more tragedy into Phyllis’s world. Morgan and his son are murdered and Phyllis is the only eyewitness to the crimes. Her experience as a spy and her own wits help her survive a lynch mob, but may not be enough to reunite her family.

Down The River was selected as a semifinalist in the Breakthrough Novel Award contest in 2008 and is now published by The Wild Rose Press.